Online Safety for our Kids

If you are anything like me, then you don’t want to spend all your free time policing what your teen gets up to online, but at the same time, you want them to be safe and to be able to see what they have been doing on a fairly regular basis. Well, I’ve found a fantastic answer to that in the form of Mobicip.

Well done to Mobicip for developing a parental control app that is as comprehensive as the needs of both parents and kids.

My teenage son and I have spent a few months putting Mobicip through its paces on both his PC and his Android phone.

The different settings have meant that it was possible to see what my son was doing and then to chat openly about it with him about good technology habits.

An excellent piece of advice that I was given many years ago was that firm and fair boundaries mean that children feel secure to explore within them, rather than constantly pushing to find the limits. More rigorous Mobicip settings mean that my teen now feels more confident when surfing the net that he won’t accidentally come across inappropriate content, and has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Communication via Mobicip has meant that he can let me know if there are changes that need to be made, e.g. Enabling an app, access to a site, or download. Mobicip gives us the peace of mind that he can use his technology safely and effectively for learning and fun.

As an educational consultant, I help to set up children and schools with technology support for the classroom, and Mobicip definitely makes my list of “must haves”.


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