Research Equates the Effect of Screens to Digital Heroin


Parent workshop

Yesterday, I spoke at a local parent support group on the “Making Technology Work for You and Your Child”.

We discussed the positives and negatives of technology, and how we, as adults, need to take responsibility for how and when children use technology.

Yesterday, this article from the New York Post came across my desktop. It speaks to one of the specific aspects that I had covered in my talk: the effect of screens on the adolescent brain.

As parents and teachers, I truly believe that we need to realise how fragile our children’s brains and minds are. We aim to prepare our children to be in control of technology, not to be controlled by technology, as they will need to function in both a virtual and physical reality. As adults, we want to ensure that our children are able to use technology as an effective tool, and to find the balance. We need to remember that children need a wholesome childhood to grow up as well-functioning future citizens of our world.¬†Children playing on iPad