Individual Consultation and Support

Academic Coaching and Mentoring:

Getting through school is not always as simple as we would hope for. Even children and teens with oodles of potential may struggle to achieve. While teachers are teaching, our kids may not be learning because they may not know how to learn.Our academic coaching and mentoring programme helps kids to realise:

  • How learning works
  • How they themselves learn best
  • How emotions affect learning and develop a positive attitude to the learning process

So that they are better able to:

  • Apply their individual learning preferences to their school work …making learning more effective
  • Develop good learning habits at school and home, contributing to a more balanced lifestyle
  • Design a personalised study programme that works
  • Prevent brain overload, and reduce the feeling that learning can be a waste of time
  • Effectively incorporate technology into learning
  • Build confidence, self-esteem, and independence

Making Learning Easier: Using educational research to empower learners and students to achieve their best.

More about Academic Mentoring and Coaching

Disability awareness consultation:

Facing disability can often seem overwhelming and heartbreaking. For families and individuals who are experiencing living with a disability, or new to disability, we offer the chance to come to a better understanding of what living with a disability entails. Through individual interaction, we work on better understanding of how a specific disability affects someone’s life. We focus on practical ways in which we can improve functioning in the home.

Individual learning assessments:

Individual learning assessments are offered to ascertain the specific areas of strength and need that a child/student has.
Assessment results help to determine changes that may need to be made in terms of how learning is taking place, further help that may be needed, and the level of support that is required.Often discovering how someone learns, opens up an enormous amount of understanding about their specific learning needs.

Development of Individual Support Plans:

Having identified your child’s specific strengths and needs, we are able to develop a specific individual support plan for both home and school.
Using a team approach and work closely with parents, schools, teachers and therapists. Having been a consultant to the Department of Basic Education in the training of Heads of Provinces and Districts, as well as training many teachers in inclusive practices, Helen has worked with many children with remedial difficulties, learning disabilities, autism, physical, visual, hearing and other impairments over the years. This enables her to draw on experience and knowledge of how the system works in order to guide parents and teachers in practical interventions that work.Working within the Guidelines for Inclusive Schools, Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support for learners experiencing barriers to learning, set out by the Department of Basic Education (2001, 2008, 2014), she is able to work with the team, aiming for your child to reach their highest potential.

Erlin Syndrome Assessment:

Helen is a certified Erlin screener. Erlin Syndrome, or scotopic sensitivity, affects the amount of energy or effort expended while reading, as well as how the brain responds during reading. It is not related to the functioning of the eyes but of the brain during reading, driving and concentration. For more information, please visit the Irlen Institute.

Individual Support Package:

The Individual Support Package includes:

  • initial consultation,
  • a Learning Assessment,
  • the development of an Individual Support Plan
  • and collaborative meeting with the teacher or School Based Support Team  start to coordinate support in for both the teachers and learner at school.

We firmly believe in taking a team approach to supporting learning, and subscribe to the African proverb that…

It takes a village to raise a child.