Schools and institutions

We believe in building on-going supporting relationships with schools, districts, and Department of Education. At Education Support without Limits, we are aware that the present support system, run by a number of exceptional and dedicated officials, is sorely under-equipped to offer sufficient support to all schools in the districts and circuits under their care.

We, therefore, offer a number of services to schools and private individuals:

School Consultation:

With knowledge and experience in many facets of inclusive and special needs education, we form part of the support that can be accessed by schools as part of School Based Support Teams, either on a case by case or contract basis. Services include assistance in setting up of School Based Support Teams, individual teacher support and facilitator training.

Staff Development Training:

In-service training is necessary to ensure that staff are continuously upskilled in the many aspects of inclusive education, specific barriers to learning, and support:

We offer in-service training for teachers, assistants, admin and all staff on a variety of topics with a focus on whole-school, as well as teacher, development.

Training is offered as short, interactive sessions of ±90 minutes, and are tailored to the specific needs of the school. e.g. learner support needs, teacher/staff needs and interest.

Training sessions are of particular importance to develop staff who can support learners who experience a specific barrier that the teachers and whole staff may not have prior experience with. Our role it to ensure that staff feel confident and equipped to work effectively in and outside of the classroom.

Topics on offer for in-service training are:

Disability Awareness:

♦ General introduction to diversity – trying not to put my foot in it”

♦ Specific talks which cater to the needs of the school and learners:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders/ Asperger Syndrome


• Learning difficulties

• Giftedness

• Visual Impairments

• Hearing Impairments

• Physical Disabilities

Learner Profiling

♦ Teaching and learning styles, methods and interventions that really work

Support Needs Assessment

♦ Using the Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support Documents Effectively (SIAS,DBE, 2014)

♦ Creating environments which support all learners

Digital Learning and Teaching

♦ Technology in the Classroom. Working with what you have available means less cost to the school, and ensuring resources are effectively used. (accredited with 5 SACE points)

Development of remedial and support programmes:

Literacy levels today are of major concern worldwide. We offer support in the development, and monitoring, of reading intervention programmes which are designed to run within the classroom and school system. We aim to specifically target areas of weakness particular to learners in the school, and implement intervention and support plans to improve language skills for all learners.

Facilitator training:

Accompanying the large number of children experiencing barriers to entering mainstream classrooms, are a growing number of assistants and facilitators. While a definite blessing, facilitators may often complicate matters in classrooms for learners.

We develop individualised training for facilitators based on the child’s learning needs, and the promotion of inclusion.

Our focus on best practice in supporting learning goes a long way to develop good relationships between schools, facilitators and the home, and, ultimately, the development of learning and independence.